Food Industies


Skogaholm – Industrial Bakers

A new bakery was built from scratch to have a modern facility with economical operation.
Bread is frozen and stored before distribution to customers all over Sweden.
When finished products leave the ovens it is first chilled or frozen in a spiral freezer and later packed in a room maintained at a temperature of around 15ºC.
The packed product is transported to the cold store ready for delivery to the market.

The system should be a modern environmentally safe system and Ammonia was chosen as refrigerant to achieve this aim.

Ref-Tech was awarded with the contract and we delivered three different systems to cover the different needs.

Production room cooling was built as a liquid chiller unit as water was used for distribution of the cooling media to the air coolers in the ceiling of the room.

Freezer machinery was also built as a unit containing ammonia pump for circulating ammonia liquid inside the coils of the spiral freezer.

Cold store machinery was built in a similar way but the circulating ammonia was distributed through air coolers in the store room. An automatic de-frost system was also incorporated in the supply  

Design capacity of machinery:
Room cooling                     1000 kW at +7 ºC
Spiral freezer                        227 kW at -42 ºC
Cold store                             200 kW at -36 ºC