Process industries


Eka Chemical, Bohus

The plant liquefies chlorine at Eka Chemicals plant in Bohus outside Gothenburg. The condensation occurs in two chlorine liquefiers. The first liquefires is connected to the intermediate pressure and the second to the low pressure of a two-stage refrigeration system working with ammonia. Buffer between chlorine and ammonia is a transfer circuit with calcium chloride. The choice of calcium chloride solution as fluid allows operation down to -50 ° C.

Refrigeration machineryr, the brine circuit, chlorine condenser and control systems logic have been supplied by us.

The compressors used are oil-injected screw compressors and are make Howden in Glasgow.

The chlorine condensers are designed by us and the refrigerant condenser and evaporator are plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval.

Reliable operation is vital partly due to the nature of chlorine but also because the cooling system is working intimately i a complex process, which is expensive to stop. For example, the installation is controlled from the main control system, but local control computers can maintain operation in the event of communication failure.

This plant is now closed due to enviromental regulations. All the machines and heatexchangers have been moved to the bandy rink in Surte, Jennylund. See example in the Ice rink applications.


Western Mining, China

A refrigeration system for the cooling of the SO2-liquefier a three-stage screw compressor set-up. Its purpose is for liquefaction of sulphur dioxide from the furnace gases from a lead smelter.
The facility is located outside the city of Xiningin the Qinghai province of China. Ref Tech's client in this case is OUTOKUMPU who delivered the "know how" and some parts of this lead smelting plant.

The refrigeration system consists of 3 frequency controlled Howden WRV compressors with R410A as refrigerant. SO2 condenser is operating at about -60 ° C.

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Boliden in Harjavalta Finland

A two-stage system for the liquefaction of sulphur dioxide from the flue gases from a copper smelter.
The system consist of two low stage, one high stage and one swing compressor of the type Howden WRV Also include in the delivery are among other thing one SO2 liquefier, water-cooled condenser and oil coolers. The job include erecting the system.

The plant is situated in the town Harjavalat nort of Åbo in Finland