Special applications

A special application can be the use of comprerssor not only directly for cooling or heating. Instead just gas compression.

Cern, Schweiz

Plant for cooling the refrigeration shield of the large ATLAS detector at CERN.
Our part is to compress helium from 1 to 18 bar (a), which is then lowered down to 40 K by two expanders.
The 40-degree (Kelvin) gas provides cooling of the shield for the ATLAS detector.

2 pc CHS 1479

Swept volume 2 * 4790 m3/h
Motor power 2 * 880 kW
Cooling capacity at 40 K 2 * 20 kW

Furthermore, after this plant started running, an installation in an existing helium cryo plant of a new high-pressure helium compressor unit , and replacement of a low-pressure compressor unit has been done. And later annother low-pressure compressor.
This system will cool down to 4 degrees Kelvin.



Swerea MEFOS, Luleå Sweden

Test site at Swerea MEFOS facility in Luleå for the EU-project STEPWISE. It will compress and process blast furnace gas.
The gas comes from the blast furnace at SSAB's plant beside Swerea MEFOS.

We have delivered a gas compressor unit. The unit shall filter, dry and compress above 800 Nm3/h blast furnace gas from atmospheric pressure to 25 bar(g)

Compressor: SRM20M
Motor: 351 kW (rated)

See also https://www.swerea.se/fou-projekt/eu-projekt and http://www.stepwise.eu/