Blast furnace gas compressor station - Stepwise -SWERIM
The project started in November 2016 and the pilot plant, located at Swerim facilities next to SSAB steel mill in Luleå, Sweden, is producing one ton of methanol per day from blast furnace gas delivered by SSAB.
The compressor station, equipped with our SRM industrial screw compressor ATEX designed, delivers 800 Nm3/h of blast furnace gas at 25 bar.
SRM Ref Tech is happy that our gas compressor station contributed in both the FReSMe and Stepwise projects making it able to apply cutting edge technology for CO2 capture and methanol production. This is a milestone in the decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors such as steel production
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Helium compressors for CERN
SRM has recently delivered the 5:th helium compressor unit to Cern i Switzerland.
It is a low pressure helium compressor for the "CERN ATLAS Main Refrigerator".
It is intended as an upgrade of an already installed unit from STAL Refrigeration.
2012 we also delivered one high pressure and one low pressure unit for the same purpose.
Already 2002 we also delivered 2 units for the "ATLAS Shield Refrigerator Station"
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